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GAME Sling Bag

Color : Black
Floor : M


Lightweight nylon with special processing is made into the main body fabric, the attached is 1680 d nylon, the silicon parts designed from the mold, the functional gimmick using the nylon cord is a series featured. For the main body fabric, 70 d filament yarn vertically and vertical dyed yarn with 30 d spun yarn are used to shrink thin nylon fabric by special processing, so we have adopted cloth which made lightweight fabric and elasticity. Unevenness of the surface born by using two kinds of threads, shrink by special processing gives the fabric deepness. 1680 d nylon with high fastness to durability is used for parts subject to load. Add original fresh taste to the original silicone parts, high-density logo woven name handle. Rubber seat edged storage section has high water resistance as it uses moisture permeable waterproof fabric. A gimmick has been decorated that opens and closes smoothly by a nylon cord extending from the front fastener.


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