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New Collection

Color : Multi-Color
Floor : G


Art and fashion is the two ingredients to inspire unique concept, borderless imagination and experiments to yield fresh and exceptional design. The result is the main design concept that is playful, smart and artistic that becomes the DNA of Angelys Balek – a fashion brand for all women. The fashion mileage, experiences and success in the global fashion scene of Soontharee “Angie” Balek, Creative Director of the brand, prompted the talented designer to return to her native Thailand to continue on the success as a leading fashion brand for confident and smart women are also passionate about art with exceptional designs of prints and patterns that have never before seen in all of the collections. Art is the main idea to build on designs in every collection. The thrilling challenge to designing for “all women” that are of different cultural background, lifestyle and freewill inspires the creative work to create clothing that cater to the different lifestyle and at the same time express the inner self of a woman with its DNA features. The design is often complimented with modern flair and refreshed silhouettes on minimal yet sharp pattern – just like a blank canvas where a painter can indulge in his wildest imagination without restraint. With world class sartorial excellence, Angelys Balek has garnered phenomenal success in branches in the US, the UK, Canada as well as the Middle East and has graced all the women who love to bask themselves in luxurious, insatiable artsy flair that make them more confident, charming, smart and sexy. Indulge in the new collections by Angelys Balek that is filled with colors to entice and challenge every woman and experience art in fashion that aspires each item to be a timeless collectible.